You can configure your Forefront TMG server and system settings, using the System Configuration Wizard.

Configuring system settings

To configure your server and system settings

  1. In the Getting Started Wizard, click Configure system settings.

  2. On the Host Identification page of the System configuration wizard, in the Computer name box, enter the name of the Forefront TMG server.

  3. In Member of, define whether the server is a member of a Windows domain or workgroup, as follows:

    • If you select Windows domain, the domain name is used as the primary Domain Name System (DNS) suffix, and you do not need to modify this setting. You will be required to restart the computer.

    • If you select Workgroup, you may want to explicitly add a primary DNS suffix in order to register the computer in the correct zone, if allowed by DNS.

    For information about deploying Forefront TMG in a workgroup or domain topology, see Workgroup and domain considerations.

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