Intra-array communication enables communication between array members on a dedicated network only.

This configuration allows array members to easily and quickly receive configuration settings and updates as well as reduce traffic load already on the internal and external network of each of the array members.

To configure the intra-array communication, you first need to set up a new intra-array network based on a dedicated network adapter.

After creating an intra-array network, you must enter the IP address of the intra-array network on each of the array members.

The following procedure describes how to enable intra-array communication between array members for an enterprise array in EMS.

Configuring intra-array communication on array members

  1. In the Forefront TMG Configuration console, in the tree, expand the ServerName of the array, and then click System.

  2. On the Servers tab, select a server, then on the Task tab, click Configure Selected Server.

  3. On the Communication tab, on the Intra-Array Communication dialog box, enter the IP address used to communicate with other array members.

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