The specified credentials may be considered invalid or may not have appropriate permissions for one of the following reasons:

Cause Solution

The user that you specified may not have the appropriate permissions to monitor one or more arrays.

The specified user may not have appropriate permissions on all the arrays in the enterprise. When you select Yes to continue, you can monitor only arrays for which the specified user is assigned an array-level administrative role (Forefront TMG Array Monitoring Auditor, Forefront TMG Array Auditor, or Forefront TMG Administrator) or an enterprise-level administrative role (Forefront TMG Enterprise Administrator or Forefront TMG Enterprise Auditor).

The specified credentials cannot be verified because one or more array members are not available.

Check connectivity to the array members.

The system policy for one or more arrays is not configured to allow remote management.

Check the system policy. Verify that the Remote Management Computers computer set includes the array members.

You may have specified the wrong user name or password.

Check that you specified the user name and password correctly.