The following procedure describes how to specify a new URL category for an IP address or URL.

To override URL categorization

  1. In the Forefront TMG Management console, in the tree, click Web Access Policy.

  2. In the Tasks pane, click Configure URL Filtering.

  3. On the URL Category Override tab, click Add.

  4. Under Override the default URL category for this URL pattern, type a URL pattern in the format*.

    • Each URL must include a host name and a path, and may include a query string and escaped characters (such as “%20” to represent a space).

    • Do not include a protocol (such as HTTP://) with the URL.

    • Forefront TMG does not support the use of Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) URLs.

  5. Under Move URL pattern to this category, select a new URL category.

  6. Click OK. The URL Categories Override dialog closes. Click OK again and then on the Apply Changes bar, click Apply.

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