Access Rules

Access rules determine how clients on a source network can access resources on a destination network.

Each access rule is represented by an FPCPolicyRule object contained in an FPCPolicyRules collection.

An access rule defines the actions that will be taken when specific users attempt to access specific sites or content through a Forefront TMG computer. Forefront TMG access rules allow you to define exactly which sites and content can be accessed by clients behind the Forefront TMG computer and which protocols can be used by the clients to gain access. You can configure access rules to apply to all IP traffic, to a specific set of protocol definitions, or to all IP traffic except selected protocols. Access rules also determine when the rule is in effect by applying the rule according to a specific schedule.

Forefront TMG includes a list of preconfigured, well-known protocol definitions, including the Internet protocols which are most widely used. You can also add or modify additional protocols. When a client requests an object using a specific protocol, Forefront TMG checks the access rules. A request is processed only if an access rule specifically allows the client to communicate using the specific protocol and to access the requested object, but only at times allowed by the applicable schedule.

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