Creating Message Handlers for the Property Sheet Elements

You need to add handlers to the design elements you have placed on the property page.

To create the message handlers

  1. Double-click a design element on the property page. The following dialog box displays.

  2. Select the design element name from the Class or object to handle list (for example, IDC_VIRUS_STRING).
  3. Select the name of the event you want to handle (for example, the EN_CHANGE event).
  4. Click the Add and Edit button – this will generate the needed method specification and let you edit the code. For example, if you use the IDC_VIRUS_STRING design element and the EN_CHANGE event, the following code will be generated:
    LRESULT OnChange_VirusString(WORD wNotifyCode, WORD wID, HWND hWndCtl, BOOL& bHandled)
    		// TODO : Add Code for control notification handler.
    		return 0;
  5. You would like, at least, to enable the Apply button whenever a change to any of the controls is made. To do so you need to add the following code to the message handler:
    	// Enable the Apply button

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