Entry-Point Functions

The Forefront TMG Web proxy calls entry-point functions in a Web filter to request initialization information from the Web filter, to notify the Web filter that a certain event has occurred, to inform the Web filter that it is about to be unloaded from memory, and to indicate to the Web filter that the Web proxy has reloaded changes to the Forefront TMG configuration from persistent storage.

Web filters can implement the following entry-point functions that were also available for ISAPI Web filters in ISA Server 2000:

Web filters can also implement the following entry-point functions that are specific to Forefront TMG:

Note  At a minimum, a Web filter must implement either GetFilterVersion and HttpFilterProc, or GetWPXFilterVersion and HttpWPXFilterProc (or both pairs of functions).

In addition, a Web filter can implement the following optional entry-point functions:

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