_NewEnum Property of the IFPCDiskDrives Interface

The _NewEnum property gets an enumerator object for the collection. An enumerator object provides serial access to the elements of the collection.

HRESULT get__NewEnum(
	IUnknown* ppEnum



Address of an interface pointer that on return points to the IUnknown interface of an enumerator object that implements an IEnumVARIANT interface for the collection. An interface pointer to the IEnumVARIANT interface of the enumerator object can be retrieved by calling QueryInterface on the IUnknown interface returned.

Return Value

This property method returns S_OK if the call is successful; otherwise, it returns an error code.

[Visual Basic]
Property _NewEnum As IUnknown

Property Value

Reference to an enumerator object that provides serial access to the elements of the collection.

Example Code

This VBScript script displays the name (drive) letter) and amount of free space for each disk drive on the local Forefront TMG computer. It does not include error handling.
' Create the root object.
Dim root  ' The FPCLib.FPC root object
Set root = CreateObject("FPC.Root")
' Declare the other objects needed.
Dim server  ' An FPCServer object
Dim drives  ' An FPCDiskDrives collection
Dim drive   ' An FPCDiskDrive object
' Get references to the server object 
' and the disk drives collection.
Set server = root.GetContainingServer()
Set drives = server.DiskDrives
' Display name (drive letter) and amount of free space 
' for each disk drive.
For Each drive In drives
	WScript.Echo "The amount of free space on drive " & drive.Name & _
				 " is " & drive.FreeSpaceInMegs & " megabytes"


This property is read-only.

In Visual Basic and VBScript, this property is used implicitly in For Each...In...Next constructs.


Client Requires Windows Vista or Windows XP.
Server Requires Windows Server 2008.
Version Requires Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG).

Declared in Msfpccom.idl.


Requires Msfpccom.dll.

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