WaitForChanges Method of the IFPCVendorParametersSet Interface

The WaitForChanges method registers to wait for an event indicating that the contents of the object have changed.


HRESULT WaitForChanges(
  [in]  HANDLE_PTR hEvent



An event that will be signaled whenever the contents of the FPCVendorParametersSet object change.

Return Value

This method returns S_OK if the call is successful; otherwise, it returns an error code.


This method allows application filters to handle dynamic configuration changes smoothly. Note that when you develop an application filter that uses the WaitForChanges method to handle dynamic changes, the FPCVendorParametersSet object should be preserved as long as is necessary to receive notifications. This can be done by making the FPCVendorParametersSet object a member of the filter (IFWXFilter) object.

This method can only be used in C and C++ programming languages. Also, it cannot be used with DCOM.

It is possible to use Visual Basic to get notification of storage changes in the FPCVendorParametersSet object without using the WaitForChanges method. For more information, see the Remarks section in the FPCVendorParametersSet topic.


Client Requires Windows Vista or Windows XP.
Server Requires Windows Server 2008.
Version Requires Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG).

Declared in Msfpccom.idl.


Requires Msfpccom.dll.

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