FwxIpRangesToNetworkElements Structure

The FwxIpRangesToNetworkElements structure maps IP ranges to their respective network elements. Each range is represented by its upper bound IP address, and the mapping covers the entire IP range ( to An application filter can use this mapping to identify what ranges are associated with which networks.


typedef struct {
FwxIpRangeToNetworkElement* IpRanges;
unsigned int IpRangesNumber; } FwxIpRangesToNetworkElements;



The array of upper bound IP addresses and the associated networks of the IP ranges(FwxIpRangeToNetworkElement).


The number of IP range entries that are in the array.


Server Requires Windows Server 2008.
Version Requires Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG).

Declared in Wspfwext.idl.

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