FwxUdpDestination Structure

The FwxUdpDestination structure contains parameters for an event of the fwx_Udp_Destination type, as defined in the FwxFirewallEventType enumerated type.

An event of this type is triggered in response to the generation of a UDP destination, which occurs under the following circumstances:


typedef struct _tagFwxUdpDestination {
DWORD AddressLength;
IFWXConnection* piConnection;
IFWXUdpDestination* piUdpDestination;
FwxFilterAccess FilterAccess;
IFWXPerRuleDataplugin* PerRuleProcessedData;
GUID ProtocolGuid;
Boolean IsSecondary; } FwxUdpDestination;



Pointer to a sockaddr structure that contains the address to which the client is attempting to connect.


Length, in bytes, of the data pointed to by the Address member.


Pointer to the IFWXConnection interface on the Microsoft Firewall service connection object for this request.


Pointer to the IFWXUdpDestination interface that represents the UDP destination generated.


Value from the FwxFilterAccess enumerated type that indicates the type of access permission granted for the event. This member is used internally by the Firewall service and should not be modified or relied upon by application filters.


Per-rule configuration data for the filter. This data is processed by the Firewall service when it starts, or when the rules are changed.


The globally unique identifier (GUID) for the protocol, if known to the Firewall service. If the protocol is not known, this parameter has the value GUID_NULL.


Boolean value that indicates whether the connection is a secondary connection.


The Firewall service keeps a cache of known UDP sources and destinations for each UDP connection object. An event is only generated for destinations that are not in this cache.

Although an fwx_Udp_Destination event may be generated as a result of an incoming datagram, it is not intended for the interception of inbound traffic. To examine inbound datagrams, use an fwx_Bind_Udp event.


Server Requires Windows Server 2008.
Version Requires Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG).

Declared in Wspfwext.idl.

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