IFWXGetXByY Interface

The IFWXGetXByY interface allows a filter to modify the result of remote gethostbyname or gethostbyaddr function calls made by a Firewall client.


interface IFWXGetXByY : IUnknown


The IFWXGetXByY interface inherits the methods of the IUnknown interface.

In addition, IFWXGetXByY defines the following methods.

Method Description


Denies the name resolution request.


Sets the hostent structure that will be returned.


The IFWXGetXByY interface is essentially used to override the gethostbyname or gethostbyaddr functions, returning a hostent structure with different contents than would have been returned by the unfiltered calls. The filter has to call this interface from within the IFWXSessionFilter::FirewallEventHandler method.

A typical use of this interface would be to return an IP address other than that requested by the client; that is, to redirect the request.


Server Requires Windows Server 2008.
Version Requires Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG).

Declared in Wspfwext.idl.

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