Internet Information Services Separation

Unlike Microsoft Proxy Server 2.0, which implemented the Web proxy service as an ISAPI filter that was loaded by the local IIS Web server, the proxy service has been replaced by the Web proxy. IIS Server can be installed on a Forefront TMG computer but it is not required.

The incoming Web request and outgoing Web request properties can now run on different TCP ports. For example, by default, Forefront TMG listens for outgoing Web requests on TCP port 8080, while Forefront TMG listens for incoming Web requests on TCP port 80. In this way, Forefront TMG ensures that outgoing Web requests do not interfere with Web publishing on port 80.

If IIS Server is installed on the Forefront TMG computer, it must be configured to not use the ports that Forefront TMG uses for outgoing Web requests (by default, 8080) and for incoming Web requests (by default, 80). For example, you can change IIS Server to listen on port 81. Then you can configure the Forefront TMG computer to direct the incoming Web requests to port 81 on the local IIS Server.

If there is a conflict between ports used by Forefront TMG and those used by IIS Server, the setup program will stop the IIS publishing service. You can then change IIS Server to listen on a different port and restart the IIS Server publishing service.

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