The WPXSupportFunction callback function extends the Web filter functions. Parameters are specific to the extensions.

The WPXSupportFunction callback function is declared as:

BOOL (WINAPI * WPXSupportFunction) (
	struct _HTTP_FILTER_CONTEXT *   pfc,
	enum SF_WPX_REQ_TYPE			sfReq,
	PVOID						 pData,
	ULONG_PTR					 ul1,
	ULONG_PTR					 ul2

The parameter sfReq specifies the particular support function that is to be executed by the Forefront TMG Web filter. The remaining parameters are described in the individual support function sections. See the following list:


For more information about the types of event notifications that are sent to Web filters, see Event Notifications.

Note  If a parameter is designated as unused for a particular support function, you should set the parameter to NULL or 0, as appropriate.

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