MprAdminConnectionRemoveQuarantine Function

The MprAdminConnectionRemoveQuarantine function removes quarantine filters on a dialed-in Remote Access Service (RAS) client if the filters were applied as a result of Internet Authentication Service (IAS) policies.


DWORD MprAdminConnectionRemoveQuarantine(
  __in  HANDLE hRasServer,
  __in  HANDLE hRasConnection,
  __in  BOOL fIsIpAddress



Handle to the RAS server that services the connection. Obtain this handle by calling MprAdminServerConnect.


Handle to connection for the RAS client for which to remove the quarantine filters. Obtain this handle by calling MprAdminConnectionEnum.

Alternatively, this parameter specifies the IP address of the RAS client for which to remove the quarantine filter. The IP address should be specified as a DWORD in network byte order. Obtain the IP address by calling MprAdminConnectionEnum. If this parameter specifies an IP address, the fIsIpAddress parameter should specify a TRUE value.


Boolean value that indicates whether the hRasConnection parameter specifies the IP address of the client for which to remove the quarantine filters. If this parameter is a TRUE value, hRasConnection specifies an IP address. Otherwise, hRasConnection specifies a handle to a connection.

Return Value


The function succeeded.


The handle to the RAS server or the handle to the RAS connection is invalid.


An error from MprError.h, RasError.h, or WinError.h.


The MprAdminConnectionRemoveQuarantine function is used by a custom listener component that you create. This component listens for messages from a notifier component running on quarantine-compatible remote access clients. These messages indicate that the clients have successfully run the scripts that validate that they conform to the requirements of your organization's network policies. When the listener component receives this message from the notifier component running on a client, it calls MprAdminConnectionRemoveQuarantine to remove the quarantine restrictions from the remote access connection. Forefront TMG then chains the call to Routing and Remote Access.

A listener component that calls MprAdminConnectionRemoveQuarantine must be running as under a system administrator account.


Server Requires Windows Server 2008.
Version Requires Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG).

Included as a resource in Vpnplgin.dll.

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