Using Forefront Unified Access Gateway (UAG), you can publish multiple applications via a Forefront UAG trunk.

The following topics describe how to create and manage a trunk, and how to manage its applications:

  • Setting up a trunk—Provides a walkthrough for setting up a portal.

  • Configuring trunk settings—After setting up a trunk, follow the instructions described in this topic to refine the trunk settings.

  • Adding applications to a trunk—Describes how to select an application for publishing, and how to specify settings for published applications. Settings include backend server settings, client authentication and single sign-on (SSO), an access policy that specifies client endpoint requirements for accessing the application, and authorization settings that specify how users can view and access the application.

  • Configuring application settings—After adding an application to a trunk, you can configure additional application properties.

  • Redirecting HTTP requests to HTTPS trunks─Describes how to redirect remote endpoint HTTP requests to ensure that requests reach trunks published over HTTPS.