This topic describes how to remove a Forefront Unified Access Gateway (UAG) server from an array.

For instructions on removing the array manager server from the array, see Changing the array manager server.

To remove an array member

  1. Ensure that the Forefront UAG Management console is closed on the array manager server, and then open the Forefront UAG Management console on the server that you want to remove from the array. The Array Management Wizard opens automatically.

  2. On the Configure Array Settings page, click Remove this server from an array.

  3. On the Restore Configuration page, to restore the configuration settings from an exported configuration file, do the following:

    • Click Browse to find the backup file.

    • In Password, enter the password that was used to encrypt the exported configuration file.

  4. On the Removing Server from Array page, click Finish to remove the server.

    If you do not restore the configuration from an exported file, the server configuration prior to joining the array will be restored.