The following procedures describe how to modify the settings that you configured after installation using the Getting Started Wizard, and how to configure additional network and server settings. Settings include adapter addresses, single server and array topology settings, and SSL encryption settings.

Modifying network adapter settings

  1. In the Forefront UAG Management console, on the Admin menu, click Network Interfaces to open the Network Configuration Wizard.

  2. On the Define Network Adapters page, select the adapter whose properties you want to modify, and click Edit.

  3. On the Define Internet Network IP Address Range page, modify the internal adapter properties.

After modifying any internal or external IP addresses on the Forefront UAG server, you must click the Reload Configuration option on the Admin menu of the Forefront UAG Management console, in order to apply the changes.

Modifying server or array topology

  1. In the Forefront UAG Management console, on the Admin menu, click Getting Started.

  2. In the Getting Started Wizard, click Define Server Topology to open the Server Management Wizard.

    On the Select Configuration page of the Server Management Wizard, select whether the server is a single server, or an array member.

    If you select Array, the Array Management Wizard opens to enable you to join the server to an array, or manage other array settings. For help with running this wizard, see Implementing an array and load balancing design. For more information about planning an array design, read the Array planning guide.

Configuring SSL encryption settings

  1. Although the SSL Protocol Settings dialog appears in the Forefront UAG user interface, it does not work as expected and should not be used to configure SSL cipher settings. To configure settings, use the instructions described in Prioritizing SChannel Cipher Suites (