The following procedure describes how to install Forefront Unified Access Gateway (UAG) in unattended mode, without the need for user interaction.

In this mode, running a command triggers the setup, and reads the settings from an answer file. You do not need to monitor the installation process, or enter setup information.

To run an unattended Setup

  1. At the command line, navigate to the UAG folder in the root folder of the Forefront UAG installation CD or shared folder.

  2. Type the following: Setup.exe /qn [/UAGInstallDir=<Installation folder>] [/REBOOT=ReallySuppress] where:

    • /qn specifies a quiet unattended setup with no dialog boxes displayed.

    • [<Installation folder>] specifies the location at which you want to install Forefront UAG.

    • [/REBOOT=ReallySuppress] specifies that the server should not restart automatically at the end of Setup.