This topic describes how to configure the array manager server, which is the first step in implementing an array deployment. In a Forefront Unified Access Gateway (UAG) array, one of the array members acts as the array manager.

On the computer you want to set as the array manager, you run the Array Management Wizard in order to configure:

  1. The credentials that the array manager server uses when connecting to the TMG storage and to the array members.

  2. The name and IP address of each Forefront UAG server that you want to add to the array.

Configuring the array manager server

If you configure an array directly after Forefront UAG installation, you will use the Getting Started Wizard that runs automatically following Setup. Otherwise, following installation and initial deployment, you can open the Array Management Wizard directly.

To configure the array manager server

  1. Configure an array as follows:

    • To configure an array in the Getting Started Wizard, click the Define Server Topology section of the wizard, and then select Array member. The Array Management Wizard opens.

    • To configure an array after running the Getting Started Wizard, in the Forefront UAG Management console, on the Admin menu, click Array Management. The Array Management Wizard opens.

  2. On the Configure Array Settings page, click Set this server as the array manager.

  3. On the Specify Array Credentials page, enter the credentials that the array manager will use when connecting to array members.

    You must provide credentials with an array administrator role in Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG) running on the Forefront UAG server. By default, the user that installs Forefront UAG has an array administrator role. If you want to use a different account, note the following:

    • It must be a domain account that is recognized by all array members.

    • The account should have local administrator permissions on the array manager server, and on all array members.

    • It is recommended to use an account with a long expiry period.

    • Ensure that you are logged on to the server, with the credentials that you will specify when running the Array Management Wizard.

  4. On the Defining Array Member Computers page, click Add to open the Add/Edit Server dialog box to add the name and IP address of each server that you want to join to the array.

    On the Add/Edit Server dialog box, enter a meaningful name (it is not required to be the name of the server) and the IP address of internal network adapter of the server.

  5. Complete the wizard.

  6. Close the Forefront UAG Management console on the array manager before opening the console on other Forefront UAG servers you want to add to the array.

    If you set the array manager using the Getting Started Wizard, you activate the changes after completing the wizard. If you set the array manager by opening the Array Management Wizard directly, you do not need to activate the changes.