The Forefront Unified Access Gateway (UAG) Activation Monitor enables you to monitor the activation status of Forefront UAG array members. In an array configuration, all array members share the same published applications and trunks. One of the array members is assigned as the array manager, and holds the configuration settings for all array members. You configure and activate Forefront UAG settings on the array manager, and activation changes are propagated to all array members. Use the Activation Monitor to check whether activation has been applied on specific array members. To open the Activation Monitor click Start, point to All Programs, click to expand Microsoft Forefront UAG, and then click Forefront UAG Activation Monitor. Click Refresh to update array member status.

To change the refresh rate, click Options, and modify the Autorefresh interval value.

When you run Activation Monitor, log files are automatically created in the ProgramData\Microsoft\UAG\Logs folder with the name format Monitor-tmp*.log. These files might consume disk space if left to accumulate. It is recommended to delete them on a regular basis.