The Forefront Unified Access Gateway (UAG) Management Pack supports any combination of Forefront UAG servers, or arrays of Forefront UAG servers.

The Management Pack automatically recognizes an array deployment of Forefront UAG servers, and groups all array members under the array manager.

To ensure correct monitoring of array members:

  1. Install the monitoring agent on each array member.

    If the monitoring agent is already installed, you do not need to reinstall it.
  2. Configure all Forefront UAG servers to discover objects on other Forefront UAG servers, as follows:

    1. Open the System Center Operations Manager Console, click the Administration tab, and then select Agent Managed.

    2. For every computer in an array deployment that is monitored by this Management Pack, right-click the computer name, click Properties, click the Security tab, and then select the Allow this agent to act as a proxy and discover managed objects on other computers check box.

The Forefront UAG servers that you want to monitor and the System Center Operations Manager server need not belong to a domain.

The following table details the supported configurations for the Forefront UAG Management Pack.

Configuration Support

Windows Server 2008 R2

Yes, 64-bit only

Array setup


Agentless monitoring

Not supported