If Network Access Protection (NAP) is configured in the Forefront UAG DirectAccess Configuration Wizard, you can troubleshoot NAP non-compliance issues by monitoring the NAP clients that were non-compliant with corporate health policy.

To monitor NAP non-compliance

  1. In the Forefront UAG Management console, click the Admin menu, and then click Web Monitor.

  2. To retrieve information about NAP non-compliant clients, in the left pane, click NAP Troubleshooting.

  3. Enter a fully qualified domain name (FQDN) or a partial string of the computer whose non-compliance history you want to examine.

  4. Select a time period, and click Submit.

    The following details for non-compliant NAP clients are displayed:

    1. Time—The time the event was registered.

    2. Machine Name—The name of the NAP client computer with a compliance issue.

    3. Compliance Issues—A description of the compliance issue.

    4. Quarantine state—The quarantine state of the NAP client computer.

    5. Connection Method—The connection method.

    6. Operating System Details—The operating system on the NAP client.