Forefront Unified Access Gateway (UAG) provides a gateway for remote employees, mobile workers, partners, and other third-parties, to access corporate applications and resources via a Forefront UAG Web portal.

About this guide

This guide is intended for the system, network, and server administrators, who are responsible for the modifications that are required in your existing corporate infrastructure design in order to deploy Forefront UAG. It is assumed that the reader of this guide is familiar with network concepts, such as domain configuration, Certification Authority (CA) deployment, DNS configuration, network routing and protocols.

Infrastructure planning and designing consists of three phases: understanding the design requirements for Forefront UAG deployment, identifying your specific deployment goals, and understanding what changes are required in your infrastructure design in order to match those deployment goals.

The following steps will help you to plan and design your corporate infrastructure:

  1. Understand the Forefront UAG features that will affect your corporate infrastructure. For information, see Introduction to infrastructure design.

  2. Understand the infrastructure considerations for Forefront UAG deployment. For information, see Identifying your infrastructure design requirements.

  3. Understand the performance capabilities of Forefront UAG DirectAccess. For information, see Forefront UAG DirectAccess performance information.

  4. Identify your Forefront UAG deployment goals. For information, see Identifying your infrastructure deployment goals.

  5. Map each of your deployment goals to an infrastructure design that meets your deployment objectives. For information, see Mapping your deployment goals to an infrastructure design.