This topic describes how to verify that you have correctly published your SharePoint application. It describes how to verify access to the Sharepoint site through the AAM address, and how to verify Office integration on the Sharepoint site.

To verify access to the SharePoint site through the AAM address

  1. On the client computer, open a web browser.

  2. Enter the SharePoint AAM address that you set when publishing the SharePoint application.

  3. Log in to the SharePoint site.

    The SharePoint site should appear as though it was accessed from the internal network.

To verify Office integration on the SharePoint site

  1. After logging in to the SharePoint site, browse to a document located on the site.

  2. Click the document link.

    The document opens in a Microsoft Office application.

  3. Make some changes to the document and save the document to the SharePoint site.

    The updated document will be saved on the SharePoint site.