Forefront Unified Access Gateway (UAG) can log to a number of formats that include an inbuilt reporter, a RADIUS server, a Syslog server, an SMTP server, and SQL Server. You can also monitor Forefront UAG events using Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007. The following infrastructure modifications might be required.

  1. If you want to log to RADIUS, you must deploy a RADIUS accounting server, either remotely or running on the Forefront UAG server.

  2. To log to Syslog, you must have an industry-standard Syslog server deployed in your organization.

  3. To send e-mail messages, you must have an SMTP server deployed.

  4. Forefront UAG uses Forefront TMG functionality to enable SQL Server logging (Forefront TMG is automatically installed during Forefront UAG setup). For local SQL Server logging, you can log to the local instance of SQL Server Express that is installed automatically during Forefront UAG setup. No infrastructure changes are required. To log to a remote SQL Server, you must have SQL Server deployed in your organization. For instructions on remote SQL Server deployment, see Setting up SQL Server for logging, in the Forefront TMG TechNet library.

  5. To monitor Forefront UAG using Operations Manager 2007, you must have an Operations Manager 2007 server deployed in your organization. For more information, see Using System Center Operations Manager (SCOM).