The first step in planning and documenting your Forefront Unified Access Gateway (UAG) publishing design is to identify your deployment goals. You can prioritize and combine your deployment goals so that you understand what planning is involved in each goal, and know who in your organization should be involved in the deployment planning.

The following table lists the possible deployment goals and their design requirements.

Deployment goal Design requirements

Publish internal backend applications or a Web server farm

Design requirements include:

  1. Planning certificate requirements.

  2. Planning authentication requirements.

  3. Planning endpoint access policy requirements.

  4. Planning domain and workgroup requirements.

  5. Planning DNS requirements.

  6. Planning for publishing specific applications.

Allow VPN client access to the internal network

Design requirements include:

  1. Planning client requirements.

  2. Planning for SSTP remote access.

  3. Planning for Network Connector remote access.

Allow access to internal file structures and shares

Design requirements include:

  1. Planning domain requirements.

  2. Planning access to Novell NetWare servers.

Next steps in planning your publishing design