When using Forefront Unified Access Gateway (UAG) to publish Remote Desktop applications, Forefront UAG reads a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) template file, when the application is added to the portal using the Add Application Wizard. When the application is added to the portal, Forefront UAG adds any parameters that are defined in the RDP template file to the RDP data file.

You can customize the RDP template file by adding parameters for your Remote Desktop applications. The customizations apply to both the Remote Desktop (Predefined) and Remote Desktop (User defined) application templates that are available through Forefront UAG.

The RDP parameters are stored in the file ...Microsoft Forefront Unified Access Gateway\common\conf\rd-template.txt. By default, the file contains only one parameter.

To modify RDP parameters

  1. Copy the file ...Microsoft Forefront Unified Access Gateway\common\conf\rd-template.txt to ...Microsoft Forefront Unified Access Gateway\common\conf\Custom Update\rd-template.txt.

  2. Add RDP parameters, as required.

    When adding RDP parameters to the template file, the syntax is validated, but the existence of the parameters and the values that are assigned to the parameters is not validated. For example, if you add the line enable themes:i:1, the file can be validated, but the parameter does not exist in the protocol and will not have any effect on the session.
  3. Publish the Remote Desktop application by using the Add Application Wizard.