The Forefront Unified Access Gateway (UAG) Client Endpoint Detection component uses the default script Detection.vbs to detect applications on a client endpoint, based on the presence of files and registry keys. The Detection.vbs script file is located in the folder ...\Microsoft Forefront Unified Access Gateway\von\InternalSite.

You should not customize this default file because it is signed.

You can create additional custom detection scripts using the CustomUpdate mechanism (described in About the CustomUpdate mechanism). The following procedure describe the steps required to add custom detection scripts; these steps are also described in the file ...\Microsoft Forefront Unified Access Gateway\von\InternalSite\samples\

To add custom detection scripts

  1. Copy the ...\Microsoft Forefront Unified Access Gateway\von\InternalSite\samples\ file to the ...\Microsoft Forefront Unified Access Gateway\von\InternalSite\inc\CustomUpdate folder, and rename it as required.

  2. For each new detection script that you want to define, add the following line to your new file:

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    g_scriptList("/InternalSite/CustomUpdate/<YourScriptFilename.vbs") = false
  3. Place your detection scripts in the ...\Microsoft Forefront Unified Access Gateway\von\InternalSite\CustomUpdate folder.

    You can reuse code from the default Detection.vbs script when creating your own custom detection scripts.