When you publish RemoteApps through Forefront Unified Access Gateway (UAG), the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) parameters are imported from a .tspub file when you publish the application. After the application has been published, the parameters are stored in the Forefront UAG configuration. You can customize these parameters after publishing.

To modify RemoteApp RDP parameters

  1. In the Forefront UAG Management console, in the Applications area, click the RemoteApp application, and then click Edit.

  2. On the Application Properties dialog box, click the Publishing Type tab, and then click Edit Imported Settings.

    The RemoteApp Program List and Settings dialog box opens showing the RemoteApp settings.

  3. Make any changes to the RemoteApp settings file, and then click OK.

    The syntax of the modified settings file is validated, but the RDP parameters themselves are not validated.
  4. To load a new settings file, click Load, and then locate the RemoteApp settings file that you want to use.