This section contains a reference guide for the Forefront Unified Access Gateway (UAG) user interface (UI). The guide is designed to help you find information about some of the wizards, property pages, dialog boxes or controls in the Forefront UAG Management console. These reference topics are available from the user interface by clicking the Help buttons throughout the Forefront UAG UI.

Reference topics

Reference topic Description

Create Trunk Wizard Help

Describes each page of the Create Trunk Wizard. Use the Create Trunk Wizard to create a Forefront UAG portal, or to publish a Web application directly.

Add Application Wizard help

Describes each page of the Add Application Wizard. Use this wizard to publish an application via a portal.

Trunk properties help

These topics help you to configure and manage trunk settings, after creating a portal or directly published Web site with the Create Trunk Wizard.

Application properties help

Describes the properties of applications published directly via a portal.