This topic describes how to customize the icons that represent applications published in a Forefront Unified Access Gateway (UAG) portal.

Customizing application icons in the portal

To customize application icons

  1. To view the icons that are currently used for portal applications, open the von\portalhomepage\images\appicons file, under the Forefront UAG installation folder.

  2. Note the name of the icons you want to customize. Each application icon has four files associated with it, as follows:

    1. <ApplicationName>.gif—Primary portal icon

    2. <ApplicationName>_Dis>.gif—Primary portal icon (disabled and grayed out)

    3. <ApplicationName>_Icon.gif—Icon in application tree

    4. <ApplicationName>_Icon_Dis.gif—Icon in application tree (disabled and greyed out)

  3. Using bitmap editing software, create replacement .gif image files. Note the following:

    • Resolution for the primary application icon should be 88x55 pixels

    • Resolution for the application tree icon should be 16x16 pixels

  4. Save the .gif files with the appropriate name in the \von\portalhomepage\images\appicons\customupdate folder in the Forefront UAG installation folder. No Forefront UAG activation is required.