Forefront Unified Access Gateway (UAG) logs Forefront UAG related events to a variety of tools and output formats. Using the Web monitor event logs, you can collect information about Forefront UAG system usage, monitor user activities, troubleshoot Forefront UAG issues, and assist remote users if they encounter problems while accessing the internal resources published by Forefront UAG. By default, Forefront UAG provides event logging functionality using the Forefront UAG built-in reporter that you can configure from the Forefront UAG Management Console. For more information, see Configuring logging.

Web Monitor classifies events according to their severity. By default, events with a severity of Error and Warning are also reported in the Windows Event Viewer.

At least on a daily basis, review the Forefront UAG event log, paying particular attention to events with a severity of Error and Warning and to security events.

To monitor Forefront UAG event logs

  1. In the Forefront UAG Management Console, on the Admin menu, click Web Monitor.

  2. In Web Monitor, click All in the Event Viewer node to see all current events.

    You can also view events by their categories by clicking the relevant category in the Event Viewer node.
    In Web Monitor you can also:
    • Filter and query events that are recorded by the built-in Forefront UAG logging mechanism. For more information, see Querying events.

    • Generate reports from Web Monitor in Microsoft Office Excel format, by clicking the Excel icon. You can then use Excel to manipulate the data according to your requirements; for example, to calculate the number of users that were concurrently logged on to a trunk at peak time, or to create charts that will present comparisons, patterns, and trends of system usage.