This topic describes the steps you can take to check that your array is functioning correctly on Forefront Unified Access Gateway (UAG), as follows:

  1. On each server in the array, open the Forefront UAG Management console. On the array manager, on the Admin menu, click Array Management to open the Array Management Wizard. On array members, the Array Management Wizard opens automatically. On the Configure Array Settings page of the wizard, check the current server status for each server.

  2. On the array manager, on the Admin menu, click Web Monitor, and then in Array Monitor, click Current Status. Check that all of the servers in the array appear in the list.

  3. On each array member, open the Network Load Balancing Manager, click the NLB cluster, and ensure that the NLB host interface Status displays Converged.

    You might see “Host unreachable” errors in the logging pane. This behavior is by design and can be ignored.
  4. On a client computer, access the Forefront UAG portal using the portal host name.