UserGate Administration module

In order to make running and administrating UserGate, its functionalities are implemented in two separate modules: UserGate Server and UserGate Administrator. The server module is launched on a computer with an Internet connection. The server module supervises access to the Internet, carries out calculation of the consumed traffic, records statistics of users' Internet activities, etc.

UserGate Administrator controls UserGate Server. With the UserGate Administrator module, you can set up UserGate server to fit your requirements ( illustration).

You can start UserGate Server either as a service or as a regular program launched manually or automatically. To start UserGate Server manually, in the UserGate Agent context menu section select Start UserGate Server. After this, the launched server icon icon will appear in a System Tray.

To start UserGate Server as a service, add it to the list of services: go to Start > Programs > UserGate4 > Install Service, then type net start UserGate in the command line. To remove UserGate from the list of services, go to Start > Programs > UserGate4 > Uninstall Service ( illustration).

The client part of UserGate is implemented as UserGate Authorization Client, which must be installed on user computers and is used for authorization of users on UserGate server in case you need to use authorization different from IP, IP + MAC or HTTP-authorizations.

Changes UserGate Administrator will take effect after pressing the Apply button.