Antivirus Settings

The antivirus applications integrated into UserGate Proxy Server have a number of settings.

Traffic checking

Antivirus installation

Antivirus updates folder: the directory where the antivirus profiles are stored. By default, these are stored in catalogue "bases". The directory location can be changed, but when it is, the new catalogue of antivirus bases is empty, so the Check now! button should be clicked to download the latest antivirus profiles.

Temporary folder: this is a directory for storing temporary files when antiviruses are active. Files before scanning are saved in this directory if a file cannot be stored in memory. The default folder used is Windows Temp folder.


URLs filter: this option lets you enable or disable antivirus checking for specific URLs or for specific types of documents. For example, the first line of the filter in the picture is *mycompany.com*, which prevents traffic from that website being checked. By default, the antivirus software checks traffic from every site.

Exclude groups: this option lets you choose groups of users, whose traffic does not need an antivirus check.

Two active antiviruses!

Starting with UserGate version, two antiviruses (Kaspersky and Panda) work simultaneously-in harmony! After switching on the options of traffic checking with both antiviruses simultaneously, arrows appear at the upper tab.
Antivirus Order The arrows indicate the sequence of the various types of traffic checks. In the example, ( illustration). Panda antivirus will first check HTTP and Email, while FTP traffic is checked by Kaspersky antivirus.