UserGate Proxy Server is a comprehensive Internet sharing software solution designed to connect Local Area Network users to the Internet. UserGate provides centralized management of Internet connections, carries out network resource caching, conducts exact calculation of traffic with the NAT driver, includes a built-in billing system, and a statistics module. The program is easy to set up and convenient to use.

With a flexible set of rules, network administrator can block access to certain web resources, limit Internet connection speed, set up individual schedule for hourly access to Internet. Real-time connection monitoring allows viewing active users' IP addresses, usernames, exact amount of sent and received traffic and URLs visited.

Administrator can view user's current balance, restrict Internet access based on time online, set up a traffic limits and minimum balance that are used to block or significantly restrict Internet access when the limit or minimum credit are reached. UserGate includes a built-in billing system which allows flexible management of billing plans. UserGate also includes a statistics module that allows generating various reports on Internet usage and exporting them to MS Excel format.

Other useful features include: Network Address Translation (NAT), various user authorization methods, URL filters (restricting access to resources not related to work or setting up an ad filter), port mapping, resource publishing (Internet access to local network resources), HTTP resource caching, dial on demand, remote administration (which makes the network administrator highly mobile) and many others. Featuring an intuitive, well-designed interface, UserGate can be used by beginners as well as advanced users.

UserGate supports HTTP, FTP, POP3, SMTP, IMAP4, Telnet, IRC, NNTP, ICQ and all other protocols over UDP/TCP