Connection settings
At the initial starting of UserGate, the Administration Console is available through the “Connections” page, but it has only one connection enabled. There is the localhost server connection for the Administrator user and there is no connection password. To connect the Administration Console to the Server, double-click on the “localhost – Administrator” line or press the “Connect” button on Control Panel. You can create several connections using Administration Console. It is necessary to fill the following connection settings:
  • Server name – connection name.
  • User name – login to connect to server.
  • Server address – domain name or UserGate Server IP address.
  • Port – TCP port used to connect to Server (port 2345 is the default).
  • Password – the connection password.
  • Always ask for password – this option asks for your login and password whenever you connect to UserGate Server.
  • Automatically connect to this server – Administration module’s automatic connection to Server when it starts.
Administration Console settings are stored in the file: console.xml, located in the “%UserGate %\Administrator\” directory. At the UserGate Server side, user names and connection passwords are kept in the %UserGate% directory file: config.cfg.