Interface settings

The “Interface” section (Fig.1) is the main section of UserGate Server settings. It defines important features such as traffic count accuracy, creating rules for the Firewall, Internet channel bandwidth restrictions for specified traffic, relationship settings between networks and the sequence of request processing by the NAT (Network Address Translation) driver.

Figure 1. Server interface settings.

All the available network server interfaces are listed in the “Interface” section, including Dial-Up (VPN) connections. UserGate administrator defines connection types for various network adapters, e.g. for an Internet connection adapter it is the WAN type, and for a LAN connection adapter it is the LAN type. As for Dial-Up (VPN) connections (this type cannot be changed manually), UserGate Server defines this type automatically as a PPP interface. To enter the user name and password for a Dial-Up (VPN) connection, double-click on its corresponding interface. The WAN or PPP interface, located at the top of the interfaces list, becomes the primary Internet connection automatically.