UserGate licensing policy

UserGate Server is designed to connect Local Area Network users to the Internet. The maximum number of users simultaneously connected to the Internet via UserGate is called “number of sessions” and is defined by a registration key. UserGate v.5 uses a registration unique key which does not support previous versions of the UserGate software. Unregistered UserGate Server will run for 30 days in evaluation mode and is restricted to 5 sessions. Please do not confuse the “session” concept with the number of user-launched Internet applications or connections. In general, the number of user-launched connections is arbitrary (unless otherwise limited).

UserGate’s integrated antivirus software (Kaspersky and/or Panda) requires independent licensing, e.g. Kaspersky antivirus requires a special key file (*.key) located in the “%UserGate%\kav” directory. The UserGate distribution kit includes the 30-day trial key for Kaspersky antivirus; however, this key is not compatible with other keys of Kaspersky Lab products. The Panda antivirus license is built into the UserGate Server registration key according to agreements with Panda Security.

License for the BrightCloud module, designed for site categorizing, is also included in the UserGate license. The BrightCloud license period is restricted to one year. After the license period expires, the BrightCloud online service becomes unavailable.