Users and groups

To provide secure Internet access through UserGate, it is necessary to create the user accounts. To make a simple administration of these accounts UserGate enables you to create user groups according to features or access levels. The most common way to combine users into groups is by access level, because it makes traffic management much easier. By default there is only one group available in UserGate: the default group.

To create a new user, use the “Add new user” item or press the “Add” button in Control Panel’s “Users and Groups” page. Then enter the settings as shown in Fig.3:
Authorization type
Authorization parameter (IP address, login etc)
Group and Billing plan
By default all the users belong to the default group. Each user must have a unique name. You can also manage each user’s access level to view Web statistics, define an internal phone number for the H323 protocol, and enable NAT rules, traffic-managing rules and/or “Application Firewall” module rules.

Figure 3. UserGate user profile

Each newly defined user instantly has all the settings of the proper group, except the billing plan which can be redefined easily. The billing plan specified in the each user’s profile is used for the all connections tariffing (setting and monitoring the price of Internet traffic). You may use a blank tariff if the Internet connection is not rated.