Proxy service settings
There are several proxy servers included in UserGate Server: HTTP proxy (supports FTP over HTTP and HTTPS) and FTP proxy, SOCKS4, SOCKS5, POP3 and SMTP, SIP and H323. Proxy server settings are located in “Services – Proxy Settings” of the Administration Console. The most important settings are: interface (Fig.8) and the port number intended to listening by proxy pending the user requests.

Figure 8. Proxy server primary settings.

If an interface is not specified in the proxy settings, the server will listen to all available interfaces. By default, only HTTP proxy listening to TCP port 8080 on the all interfaces is enabled in UserGate Server.

To set the browser to work through the proxy, please enter the proxy address and port in the corresponding settings boxes. To set up the proxy in Internet Explorer go to “Tools – Internet Options – Connection – LAN Settings”. Working with HTTP proxy, you do not need to specify the gateway and DNS in the TCP/IP connection options at a user workstation since these options are set by HTTP proxy automatically. For each proxy server there is a cascade connection to the next available upper proxy mode.