Traffic management rules
UserGate Server enables you to manage Internet access by using the traffic management rules. These rules can forbid user access to certain network resources, set up traffic consumption limits, create Internet scheduling and track user accounts. Traffic management rules are arranged in the form of an action to be performed on a certain object. There are 4 object-action pairs defined in UserGate: “Connection – Close”, “Traffic – Don’t count”, “Tariff – Change” and “Speed – Set up”. For a traffic management rule to execute, you need to define the rule’s condition: time of day, day of week, URLs (IP), traffic limit (per day, week or month), etc. Defined conditions may be combined using logical “AND/OR” operators, allowing opportune flexibility when creating rules. Another opportunity is provided by the possibility of applying rules both for all protocols and for particular ones. You should apply rules created to users or user groups in UserGate.