UserGate Proxy & Firewall

UserGate is a comprehensive solution designed to connect users to the Internet, provide traffic control, limit access and supply built-in network security tools.

UserGate enables the tariffing (pricing and limiting) of user Internet access based on traffic amounts and time online. An administrator can add various billing plans, dynamically switch them and control the access of Internet resources. The built-in Firewall and Antivirus module protects UserGate server and identifies malicious software coming from the Internet.

UserGate consists of several modules: the Server, the Administration Console (UserGate Administrator) and several others. UserGate Server (usergate.exe) is the central part, the core of the proxy server, where its functional capabilities are embodied. The Server provides Internet access, implements exact traffic calculations, tracks users’ online statistics, etc. UserGate Administration Console is a program assigned to control the Server. The Administration Console communicates with the server module by means of a special protocol above TCP/IP that enables server remote administration.

There are also four additional modules included in UserGate: UserGate Statistics, Web Statistics, UserGate Authorization Client and Application Control.