Additional Alerting Options tab

Option definitions

Configure filter and local alerting options.

Option Definition
Settings for Select Workstation or Server from the drop-down list.
Note: This option is only available via ePolicy Orchestrator.
Severity Filter Choose from these filter options:
  • Don’t filter alerts — Send all alerts.
  • Suppress informational alerts — Don’t send informational alerts with a severity of less than one.
  • Suppress informational and warning alerts — Don’t send informational and warning alerts with a severity of less than two.
  • Suppress informational, warning, and low — Don’t send informational, warning, and low severity alerts with a severity of less than three.
  • Suppress all except severe alerts — Don’t send any alerts except those with a severity of more than four.
  • Suppress all alerts — Do not send any alerts.
Local Alerting
  • Log to local application event log — Log information in the local application event log.
  • Send SNMP trap using SNMP service — If you are using SNMP, you can send SNMP trap alerts.

Local alerting options do not require Alert Manager.