Performance tab

Option definitions

Specify scan deferral and system utilization options to improve performance.

Option Definition
Scan deferral options Select the scan deferral option:
  • Defer scan when using battery power— Postpone the scan when the system is in use and using battery power.
  • Defer scans during presentations— Postpone the scan while the system is in presentation mode.
  • User may defer scheduled scans — Allow the user to defer scheduled scans.
  • Defer at most — Specify the length of time to defer the scan. Select between one and 24 hours or select zero to defer the scan forever.

See How scan deferral works for more information.

System utilization Use the slider to set the utilization schedule for the scan. Each task runs independently; unaware of the limits for other tasks. Default for this task in ePolicy Orchestrator = 30%. Default for this task in VirusScan Enterprise 8.7i = 100%.
Heuristic network check for suspicious files
Configure the sensitivity level you wish to use when determining if a detected sample is malware. For all levels other than Disabled, fingerprints of samples, or hashes, are submitted to Avert Labs to determine if they are malware. The benefit to you is that detection may be made available as soon as AVERT Labs publishes the update, and you would not have to wait fro the next DAT release. The higher the sensitivity level you choose, the higher the number of malware detections. However, by allowing more detections, you may also get more false positive results. Choose from these sensitivity levels:
  • Disabled — No fingerprints or any data are submitted to Avert Labs to determine if they malware.

  • Very Low —The detections and risk of false positives are the same as with regular DATs. A detection is made available to VirusScan Enterprise when Avert Labs publishes it instead of waiting for the next DAT update.

  • Low — This level is defined as between Very Low and Medium.

  • Medium — Use this level when the regular risk of exposure to malware is greater than the risk of a false positive. Avert Labs proprietary, heuristic checks results in detections that are likely to be malware. However, there is some risk that a detection on a file that isn’t common may result in a false positive. Avert Labs checks that detections with this setting will not create a false positive on popular applications and operating system files.

  • High — This level is defined as between Medium and Very High.

  • Very High —We recommend using this level only for email and for scanning volumes and directories that support neither executing programs nor operating systems. Detections found with this level are presumed to be malicious, but they haven’t been fully tested to confirm that they are not false positives.