Password Options tab

Option definitions

Set password security for the entire system or selected items. See How setting a password affects users for more information.

Option Definition
Settings for Select Workstation or Server from the drop-down list.
Note: This option is only available via ePolicy Orchestrator.
User interface password Specify the user interface security:
  • No password — No password is required to access configuration settings.
  • Password protection for all items listed— Specify one password for all the items in the list.
  • Password protection for the selected items — Specify one password for selected items in the list.
  • Password protection for conformance to Common Criteria — Secure the interface as required for government agencies that must use only National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) Common Criteria validated security products.

    This secures all configuration options from users without administrative credentials except that workstation users can perform an immediate on-demand scan of their own workstation. Include or exclude files from an immediate on-demand scan. Include or exclude archives, such as a .ZIP file, from an immediate on-demand scan. View on-demand scan and on-access scanning activity logs.

Password — Type the password.

Confirm password — Type the password again to confirm it.

User interface items to password protect Select the items that you want to protect with the password.
  • Select All — Select all items in the section.
  • Deselect All — Deselect all items in the section.

Administrators can lock or unlock the interface through the Console.