Repositories tab

Configure the repositories where you get updates.

This feature is not available from the ePolicy Orchestrator Console. Access this feature from the VirusScan Console.

Option definitions

Option Definition
Repository description

Specify the name of the repository.

The list is preconfigured with an HTTP and an FTP repository.

The HTTP repository is the default download site.


Enabled — A defined repository that can be used during the AutoUpdate process.

Disabled — A defined repository that you do not want to access during the AutoUpdate process. This might be a repository that you use occasionally, but not all of the time.

Note: Create as many repository sites as necessary, then enable and disable them.

Add a new repository to the list.


Edit the selected repository.


Delete the selected repository.

Move up

Move the selected repository up in the list.

Move down

Move the selected repository down in the list.