Scan Locations tab

Option definitions

Configure the item types and locations to scan.

Option Definition
Locations to scan Select the locations to scan. Default = Memory for rootkits, running processes, and all local drives. Click Add, Edit, and Remove to change the Item name(s).
  • Memory for rootkits. Scans system memory for installed rootkits, hidden processes and other behavior that suggests malicious code is attempting to hide itself. This scan occurs before all other scans.
  • Running processes. Scans the memory of all running processes. Actions other than Clean are treated as Continue scanning.
  • Registered Files. Scans all files that are registered. The scanner first searches the registry for file names, then scans the files. The scanner removes references to potentially unwanted files from the registry.
  • My computer. Scans all drives physically attached to your computer or logically mapped to a drive letter on your computer.
  • All local drives. Scans all drives and their subfolders on your computer.
  • All fixed drives. Scans all drives physically connected to your computer.
  • All removable drives. Scans all removable drives or other storage devices connected to your computer.
  • All mapped drives. Scans network drives logically mapped to a network drive on your computer.
  • Home folder. Scans the home folder of the user who starts the scan.
  • User profile folder. Scans the profile of the user who starts the scan, including the user’s My Documents folder.
  • Windows folder. Scans the contents of the Windows folder.
  • Program Files folder. Scans the contents of the Program Files folder.
  • Temp folder. Scans the contents of the Temp folder.
  • Recycle bin. Scans the contents of the recycle bin.
  • Drive or folder. Scans the specified drive or folder.
  • File. Scans the specified file.
  • Registry. Scans registry entries. This location is only available if you installed AntiSpyware Enterprise Module 8.7.
  • Cookies. Scans cookies in the cookies folder. This location is only available if you installed AntiSpyware Enterprise Module 8.7.
Note: Using the default list of scan items can result in a thorough scan that is very time consuming. Consider whether you want to narrow the scope of this scan for regular use.
Scan options The type of scan for the selected item.
  • Include subfolders — The scanner examines all subfolders in the specified volumes. Deselect this option to scan only the root level of the volumes.
  • Scan boot sectors — The scanner examines the disk boot sector.
It may be appropriate to disable boot sector scanning when a disk contains a unique or abnormal boot sector that cannot be scanned.
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