Task tab

Enable the schedule for this task and specify user account settings.

Option definitions

Option Definition
Enable (scheduled task runs at specified time)

Schedule the task to run at a specified time.

Note: This option must be selected to schedule the task.
Stop the task if it runs for

Stop the task after the number of hours and/or minutes that you specify.

Note: If the task is interrupted before it completes, the next time it starts it resumes scanning from where it left off.

The number of hours after which the task will stop.


The number of minutes after which the task will stop.


Type the user ID under which this task executes.


The use of credentials is optional. If you do not type credentials here, the scheduled task runs under the local system account.

See Log on privileges for more information.


Type the domain for the user ID you specified.


Type the password for the user ID and domain you specified.